Concord Regional Crimeline
The anonymous way to solve a crime in our community
(603) 226-3100
Too often people with vital information about crime fail to contact the police because of fear of retaliation or they don't want to testify in court.

Concord Regional Crimeline, Inc.

Offers an alternative...

If you have information that may help solve a crime, remember that A SAFE COMMUNITY STARTS WITH A CALL to Crimeline.

The information that you provide may qualify for a cash reward.

The Concord Regional Crimeline operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can help to catch criminals without:

How To Help:

  1. Dial 226-3100

  1. Provide information

  1. Feel free to speak openly and completely anonymously

  1. Write down your code number to maintain your total anonymity

5. Call back at 226-3100 periodically, give your code number to see if you qualify for a reward.