A. If you are thinking of returning to a potentially abusive situation, discuss an alternative plan with someone that you trust.

B. If you have to communicate with your partner, determine the safest way to do so.

C. Work on having positive thoughts about yourself and be assertive with others about your needs.

D. Plan to attend a support group for at least one month to gain support from others and learn more about yourself and the relationship.

E. Decide who you can call freely and openly to give you the support you need.

F. Read books, articles and poetry to help you feel stronger.
Your Safety And Emotional Health
A. Decide who at work you will inform of your situation. This should include office or building security (provide a picture of your batterer if possible).

B. Arrange to have someone screen your telephone calls, if possible.

C. Devise a safety plan for when you leave work. Have someone escort you to your car, bus or train. Use a variety of routes to go home if possible. Think about what you would do if something happened while going home.
Safety On The Job And In Public