Dogs a Menace, Nuisance or Vicious RSA 466:31, II & III
  1. A dog is considered to be a nuisance, menace, or vicious to persons or to property under any or all but not limited to the following conditions;

     (a) If a dog is "at large", which means it is off the premises of the owner or keeper and not under the control of any person by means of personal presence and attention as will reasonably control the conduct of such dog, unless accompanied by the owner or custodian;

     (b) If it barks for sustained periods of more that 1/2 hour, or during the night hours so as to disturb the peace and quiet of a neighborhood or area;

     (c) If it digs, scratches, or excretes, or causes waste or garbage to be scattered on property other than its owner's;

     (d) If any female dog in season (heat) is permitted to run at large or be off premises of the owner or keeper during this period except when being exercised on a leash by a responsible adult. At all other times such dog shall be confined within a building or enclosure in such a manner that she will not come in contact (except for intentional breeding purposes) with a male dog;

     (e) If it growls, snaps at, runs after or chases any person or persons;

     (f) If it runs after, or chases bicycles, motor vehicles, motorcycles, or other vehicles being driven, pulled or pushed on the streets, highways, or public ways;

     (g) If, whether alone or in a pack with other dogs, it bites, attacks, or preys on game animals, domestic animals, fowl or human beings.

III. Any person who fails, by appropriate action including but not limited to restraining an animal from running at large, or otherwise effectively abating a nuisance found such under the provisions of this section or who fails to comply with any other provisions of this section after being so ordered, shall have the person's dog taken into custody by the police and such disposition made of the dog as the court may order.