Henniker Police Department
Ride Along Program
Name: ___________________________ DOB: __________________

Address: _________________________ Phone: _________________
Date and time of requested ride along: Date: ___________ Time: ________
     The information provided above will be used to perform criminal and motor vehicle record checks on you. The police department reserves the right to deny your request for any reason we deem just and appropriate. You will be advised by telephone whether or not your request to ride along has been approved or denied.

     Please find attached a Waiver of Liability Form. If your request is approved, you will need to review and complete this waiver of liability form prior to your ride along. Upon arriving at the police station on the date and time scheduled, present the form to one of the officers.

     During the ride along it is of the utmost importance that you do precisely what the duty officer instructs you to do. Never leave the cruiser without the permission of the officer. You must wear your seat belt at all times. No firearms are allowed on your person during the ride along regardless of whether or not you have a license to carry permit. You are expected to not consume any alcoholic beverages at least 24 hours prior to the start of the ride along. We ask that you dress in a casual manner, but jeans will not be allowed. Please dress in a manner appropriate for the weather conditions. During the ride along if the officer is involved in a physical confrontation or encounters some other situation in which your assistance may be beneficial, the officer may request your assistance. If such a request were made, you would be expected to assist in any fashion possible.

     Every effort will be made to keep you safe. If an officer must respond to a call that may be life threatening in nature, you will be asked to exit the cruiser. You will be left in a safe and well-lighted part of town, but you may need to walk back to the police station to retrieve your motor vehicle or call someone to come and pick you up. If possible, please carry a cellular telephone with you during the ride along.

     The duty officer will have the absolute right to terminate the ride along for any reason he/she deems necessary. If you have any questions, please contact the police station prior to the date of the ride along.