It is the policy of the Town of Henniker that no official of the Town shall grant to any person a permit for the retail sale of any fireworks pursuant to RSA 160-A:2, IV(a), and further, that no official of the Town shall issue permits for the purchase, possession or display of Class C common fireworks pursuant to RSA 160-A:2,III.

     Permits for occasional festive displays of special Class B fireworks may be issued to persons or organizations who demonstrate compliance with rules of the NH State Police under RSA 158:9-f, and whom the Selectman determine to be in compliance with RSA 160-A:2, V and VI,viz., that the permit is applied for at least 15 days prior to the display, that the person to whom the permit is issued has previously demonstrated his competence to handle such displays, that the display is to be of such character, and so located, and displayed, as in the opinion of the fire chief, after proper inspection, shall not be hazardous to property of endanger persons, and that the permit be subject to revocation if the fire chief determines that fire danger has increased over the 15 day period.