Recently we joined a national program that is based in Florida called “A Child Is Missing.” This program is in place to assist us with missing person’s cases. When a child, alzheimer’s patient, mentally handicapped person or in some cases a runaway is reported missing, we have the ability to activate this program. When one of these people goes missing, we contact this agency and provide them with a full description of the missing person such as height, weight, color of hair, etc., as well as the clothing the person was last seen wearing. The company then does a pre-recorded message, which telephones residences and businesses asking them to be on the look out for the missing person and to check the property immediately surrounding their dwelling. A phone number to call, which would be our dispatch center 428-3212, is provided should you have information that might assist us in locating the person. The company has the ability to place 1000 calls per minute to area residences and businesses within a 10-mile radius of where the person was last seen. We wish to emphasize that this IS NOT the amber alert system although it can be utilized in conjunction with an amber alert. An amber alert can only be activated when we have a substantiated child abduction in which a motor vehicle has been used. So far, we have used this program twice, once for a 12-year-old child who was experiencing some serious emotional issues and walked away from a counseling session without permission. The second time was for a missing elderly person who was in the early stages of alzheimer’s disease and had walked away from her home. In both instances the cases were resolved in a positive manner and it gave our community a successful introduction to the program. There is no charge to our community to participate in this program. Should any civic organization desire a formal presentation on this program, please contact the police department.
A Child Is Missing Program